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Japanese facial massage Kobido in Moscow.

Can you see yourself in the mirror under the age of not less than 5 years?

The unusual combination of relaxing techniques with active impact on the problem areas of the face.

What is Kobido? It is an ancient Japanese massage technique used by Japanese Empress for rejuvenation and healing. It is based on the concepts of traditional medicine East Asian traditional techniques and Japanese massage. This is one of the most effective and natural methods of treatment to improve skin and slow the aging process. Just as physical exercise strengthens the body and give more power, facial massage strengthens the muscles of the face and gives it a nice hue, thereby preventing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. The effect is noticeable after the first session – improving color and light lifting. Kobido restores facial contours and smoothes wrinkles. What specifically Japanese facial massage would give you?

the skin becomes smooth and elastic, and the facial muscles are strengthened and tightened;

stimulates blood circulation and collagen production, optimized cellular metabolism, promoting the elimination of toxins;

triggers the regeneration of skin cells and deeper tissues;

– enhances blood circulation, improves complexion, saturating the cells with oxygen and nutrients, thus, face becomes smooth and elastic;

So, start the mechanism of regeneration, self-renewal and tissue rejuvenation, stimulates nervous system, improves the flow in blood and lymph vessels, muscles become more elastic, complexion improves. Japanese facial massage raises body temperature. This leads to the fact that the skin is freed from toxins and other, deep-seated dirt that cannot withdraw the cleaning cosmetics.

Shine on a cloudy day Moscow?

Oh, and in addition, this massage delivers physical and emotional pleasure, is a strong positive status in men and women. Kobido massage is one of the best ways to maintain mental and physical health.

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